Immigration News from Houston: Demonstrating Against the Mexican Consulate

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On Friday, July 18,2014 outraged citizens and patriots joined forces to oppose the continued breach of Texas territory by illegal alien tresspassers. We had a very diverse group of people who turned up via the Overpasses for America in Texas (SE) network organized by Sam Herrera. Stop the Magnet was also present to help lead the event. The choice of venue at the Mexican consulate was due to the obvious failure to thwart the thousands of aliens both adult, minor and criminal at the Mexican border which they historically have enforced.Many of these illegal aliens have been marketed by the government and media as "children" to cover up the fact that only 18-20% are underage. However, they come without documentation or criminal background checks from their own countries, so how do we really know. Additionally, reports are showing a new bold penchant for Mexican military to fly over and hover above American territory, oftentimes violent cartels are firing upon Border Patrol agents attempting to intimidate them. Many protesters were also outraged by the continued holding of US Marine Sgt. Tahmooressi.

The opposition included the usual Marxist/open borders crowd who were very colorful in their presentations. They had many well-organized chants, taunts and Mexican flags ready for the law and order crowd. This was a largely young crowd who had been fully immersed in ethnic studies hostile to US nationalism and unity. Revisionist history was the order of the day. Many of these young Dreamers chanted "we are here to stay" "this is our country" or claimed the opponents of illegal immigrants and contempt for our immigration laws were "racist". 

Stop the Magnet continues to stand behind its core position that "magnets" like employment, grant monies for college,welfare and medical benefits are major drivers to cross the border and embed into our communities.

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