Illegals Swarm in-Dallas Transformed

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 Dallas,Texas tranforms from an orderly, upwardly mobile conservative city to a slovenly stage for a major cartel organization.This city is not the only casualty of the invasion. Houston is the hub for human trafficking overrun with gangs.Can you hear all the hysteria from our elected officials? Fire in the belly soap-box speeches in front of outraged that was Teddy Roosevelt talking about the importance of assimiliation back in the good'ol'days when American unity was all the rage. Nowadays, they just debate the fine points of who supported instate tuition back in 2001.

Take note of these two headlines within the course of a week or two: 

Violent Gangs operate in our high schools:

Major human trafficking sting where preteen girls are forced into prostitution-SE Houston:

Illegals Swarm in-Dallas Transformed-Nelson Hultburg- Oct.10,2013 (

A few weeks back, I wrote an article about the twin evils of illegal immigration and Keynesian economics, and how they had decimated various neighborhoods of Dallas, Texas. I called attention specifically to the Valley View Shopping center near where I lived, and how it had been transformed from a fine and fashionable mall into a seedy Mexican swap meet. Several libertarians wrote me and defended such a demise as “the result of capitalism operating in a free society.”

But is this so? Is Valley View just a normal part of an ever-shifting marketplace brought on by Schumpeter’s “creative destruction” as libertarians maintain? Are complaints about such decay just conservative hyper-fear over the nature of capitalism?

Not at all. In 1996, the apartment complex I moved into upon arrival in town (and lived in for 12 years) was a nice, middle-class complex nestled among beautiful homes in a North Dallas surrounding neighborhood. The residents were 85 percent white Americans. Today that complex is down to 10 percent white Americans, 10 percent black Americans, and 80 percent Mexicans, almost all illegals. And it’s uninhabitable.

This is not capitalism and “creative destruction” at work. This is ideological insanity at work. This is multiculturalist dogma hammered into our lives by the educational system for 40 years coupled with a federal government outrageously negligent as to one of its most fundamental duties – the protection of the nation’s borders.

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