The Houston ISD Multicultural Caliphate

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April 13,2014

HISD willfully ignores major Islamic terror issues around the globe while spewing diversity gov-speak to force another multicultural experiment onto unsuspecting taxpayers. Citing a "growing Arabic population" (Obama's Islamophile Agenda) and oil and gas Arabic-speaking needs in the Middle East  projected for the future (GLOBAL CALIPHATE) the HISD Board unanimously approved the Arabic Magnet Program. The Houston Chronicle was there to cheerlead the tortured reasoning. One board member seemed to think that citing reports on brain development as a result of learning another tongue would justify this out-of-step manuever. The Arab-American Cultural  Community representative spoke in favor of the program and assured HISD that his organization would be happy to assist the district in implementing the program. They are even helping with HISD's security program (VIPS)- feel better? He was apparently the only one who watches the news and knows Texas is about to get slammed with more Islamic "refugees". Click on E1 to get the segment-pay attention at about 3:30 mm.  No matter what government officials tell you, there is no way to vet these folks-FBI agents are speaking out on this. America has not in recent memory imported SYRIANS under any circumstances due to its sponsorship of terror.ISIS continues to gain more leverage in the Middle East but these details would never slow down HISD in its lust for the Tower of Babel.

HISD has a blogpost about the program and the comments are quite revealing. The first commenter Rosa makes the terror connection and gets beat down by an Arabic commentor who let her know how dumb she was and then proceeds to let her know the Islamic God is the same as the Christian God. Then note the comment by "Kathryn" who fits the profile of the principal. Her response is very haughty and arrogant like all multi-cult progs who look downward on their American countrymen. This would be a good fit for her at the school since I imagine many of her clients are not very PRO-AMERICA. Americans exist now only to  pay for their own national suicide.