Houston Contractor,Stan Marek Seeks Justice for His Illegal Alien Workforce

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 Mr. Stan Marek, board member of the Greater Houston Partnership and CEO of Marek Brothers Construction,Inc. called a press conference at his company headquarters on August 29,2013. This meeting also included elements from SEIU,Catholic Church and OFA, Organizing for Action, a progressive organization, all seeking to persuade representatives to pass immigration reform that includes a path to citizenship.

The self-described conservative had to leave the Republican reservation when Romney stated his approach to immigration reform in the X-Rated term "self-deportation" during his campaign for presidency.  From the beginning of his presentation, Marek envelopes the audience in a collective guilt for enjoying a world with buildings and structures,cut lawns,nannied babies and untold services. These were the fruits of the 30 million or so uninvited and hard-working aliens among us that "we" utilize everyday.  As he relates his exasperation in trying to be sensible and just in the dog-eat-dog world of illicit hiring practices, what Stan wants YOU to understand is that the playing field must be equalized and this is impossible when rogue home-building elements outlaw even the regular illegal-hiring guys that are still using I-9 forms instead of the 1099's.  See the 1099's enable contractors or subcontractors or even sub-sub-contractors to pay cash and just pay out in one fell swoop.  Filing taxes is the workers responsibility and the employer of the day doesn't bother with hospitalization coverage,overtime pay, safety training like Stan does for his workers. He not only uses I-9 forms reporting to the IRS the hourly wages but creates a career path for his hard-working crew. It becomes clear that he is very loyal to his workers. Pushing for drivers licenses for illegal aliens, Marek even goes so far as to justify the motivations of a hit and run undocumented driver that hit his employee. The lawless driver cannot risk being detained because, he, no doubt, has a family to take care of (audio:59 min. mark).

Back in the good'ol illegal hiring times before that mean ol'DHS set up shop and ICE came out, INS did not enforce the law at all and the illegals could go and get a license at the flea market. No doubt this was probably about the time that skilled American tradesman and small shop operators got blown out of the water but Stan doesn't mention their heartaches because those American people don't want to work these jobs nowadays.  And besides, his loyalty is all taken up with his company and his workforce. Right now we need to get the amnesty bill passed so THEN EVERYONE will have to document, fingerprint,and pay their now newly-minted American workers a proper hourly wage and make sure that they have health coverage. In dramatic fashion, Marek asks : "What is so hard about following the law?" The passion of the meeting hit a high point when Marek insists on the passage of the immigration reform bill so as not to drive more workers underground, which in turn leads to harsher working conditions for Marek's new adoptive countrymen and workers.

Just in case you think Americans are completely invisible, you aren't. You are still good for somethin' when it comes to paying taxes. After all, the most expensive budget item in Texas, education for some 8 million kids (many of which are the offspring of the construction and service industry) and criminal /judiciary are counting on you. Don't forget to call your reps for Marek Construction, got that?

It's all on the audio file below. See what you think.


Liz Theiss                                                    Sept. 14, 2013