Houston City Council District A Candidates Receive Our Surveys on Immigration

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  This past Tuesday, (9-24-13) a few of us went down to the SOSA Community Center to check out the candidates running for the District A city council seat.  The forum was hosted by the Memorial West Republican Women & Houston West Chamber of Commerce. It was an interesting array of candidates all quite different. We were of course, watching to see if the immigration issue came up and when it did it arrived by way of the sex slave/ human trafficking trade, which is increasingly trending. In our mind as long as you have lawless employment of illegal aliens and sanctuary city policies these types of crimes will emerge. Invite the Third World and you invite their culture, not just great food. Brenda Stardig, recounted her efforts to use city ordinances and codes to shut down sleazy storefront operations, Helena Brown mentioned the horrific nature of these crimes and her work in the community to displace it. Amy Peck spoke to her experience in serving under Senator Dan Patrick on immigration (he did nothing of import on this issue and in fact, suddenly dropped a sanctuary bill which Judicial Watch had provided guidance in the 82nd lege ). Finally, the former HPD officer, Mike Knox anwsered the question most intelligently by pointing out Houston's sanctuary policies as a major roadblock on such crimes. True. If you aren't allowed to fully identitfy and report people here illegally how will you stop this? The slave trade will continue because its clientele is largely illegal aliens as well as its perpetrators. This outrageous crime is more of a "safe" checkmark list for candidates as they seek to avoid the uncomfortable element of complicity in the donor-class by way of illegal hiring practices that, in turn, finance many campaigns.

All candidates at the forum were given a survey on immigration and asked to return to us via fax or mail by the Oct. 3, 2013 deadline. We have photos to demonstrate. In addition, these candidates were e-mailed and twittered the surveys on Sept. 18, 2013. Let's see if they are interested in addressing this issue.

Liz Theiss                                                                                                        Sept. 27,2013




Helena Brown

Ron Hale

Mike Knox

Amy Peck

Brenda Stardig






Well even though we mailed, tweeted,e-mailed these surveys to the candidates...some still "forgot".Overall, District A is doing well.