"Hanen vs Hecht"- Criminal Conspiracy or Access to Justice?

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October 12, 2014

The last few months a plethora of federally financed religious charities and NGO's, government agencies and law professors and justices on the Texas Supreme Court have been scrambling to help provide pro-bono legal services to illegal alien minors who have crossed the Texas borders. The sympathetic marketing of these "unaccompanied children" by the press and media has been relentless. While there is no doubt these children need comfort and care questions remain as to the primary motivations that brought them here in sudden huge numbers as a result of Obama's Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals and the complications of having no official screening process to get at the truth of their identities and ages and the relationship of the adults who are with them.

Note US District Judge Andrew S. Hanen's response to a case involving a UAC in his court in Dec. 2013

Brownsville,TX.- Judge Hanen demanded to know why the Department of Homeland Security arranged for a 10 year old girl who had been smuggled across the border to live with her illegal alien mother . Hanen said that the mother had "instigated"a criminal conspiracy and that DHS had "completed the criminal conspiracy." In the end the new policies enacted by DHS permitted the girl, Ms. Torres, to obtain guardianship from an aunt in LA and from there to obtain SIJS- Special Immigrant Juvenile Status through the California State Courts.

Wall Street Journal, January 30,2014: Flow of Minors Test Border



Chief Justice Nathan Hecht of the Texas Supreme Court has issued a strong plea to lawyers to volunteer to provide justice to the UACs crossing into our country. A u-tube was released by the Texas State Bar to make sure that these "children" receive "due process" and justice as they avail themselves of the generous loopholes provided by Eric Holder's DOJ & DHS. This means that they will be funnelled into our Texas Juvenile Court system to obtain the SIJS status. Judges in these courts are asked to track the UAC cases on their dockets and report via a form: 


A justice with the First Circuit Court of Appeals informed a photographer that was reporting our demonstration late September that the evidence or "statement of fact" presented in UAC cases are never challenged. Think about this, if the state has a vested interest in promoting the ongoing invasion why would they go to the country of origin and query the assertions of abuse, neglect or abandonment? These are all the requirements needed out of the family court judge to issue a "Best Interest Finding" so the "child" can get on a path for a green card. Remember that the Border Patrol cannot question the information given they just have to accept it. Sound familiar?






Chief Justice Hecht Calls on Attorn