Enforcement Activists & Veterans Unite to Defend Congressman Stockman

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 March 5, 2014

Stop the Magnet joined forces with veterans and the leader of Texans for Zero Immigration led by JC Hernandez to state our support for Congressman Steve Stockman (TX) in his bid for the US Senate seat currently held by Senator Cornyn. Both the press and various Tea Party organizations have been attacking Stockman for alleged campaign violations and "false endorsements" and lazy or dirty campaign tactics reported in the liberal Dallas Morning news and the Houston Chronicle (San Francisco publication). Even Breitbart got the "lemming fever" with their liberal writer Brandon Darby. Since Stockman has demonstrated a long history of conservative activism and more importantly, reliable voting patterns in DC. We decided to step out with our banners and stand up for Stockman, trusting him to continue to be a warrior for the right.

Soon after our arrival a nice hybrid SUV vehicle pulled up beside us to inquire if our large Stockman sign was attached to the fencing. I explained that it was not and we were holding the sign with our hands. I then asked the gentleman if he worked for TxDot.He promptly said no and told me that "he can't stand the guy" i.e. Stockman. I'm sure you can imagine the political affiliation here...I let him know that he was welcome to come back and check to see if the sign was left out and if it was he was welcome to keep the sign. This angry reaction affirmed for me that this candidate is a true candidate for real conservatives.

Enjoy the pics below.

Long May We Wave,

Liz Theiss