Elected Officials Learn Legal Loopholes to Keep UAC's in Place

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September 15,2014

Just last month as most Americans became increasingly agitated at the prospect of taking on thousands more illegal aliens from South American failed states other than Mexico sprinkled with possible terrorists, elected officials were learning their new duties in "law". Justices from the Texas Supreme Court,First Court of Appeals,Harris County Sheriff,well-known immigration attorneys,Catholic Charities legal staff, Univision reporter and Harris County Attorney staff were treated to a free training in "loophole"advocacy for unaccompanied minors via a more generous understanding of U&T visas,asylum and refugee status aquirement. All of this slideshow training used red for emphasis in "loophole" legal sport.Please note the sponsors like Catholic Charities are a freight train red flag for open borders, also note Judge Massengale who will continue his education on this topic again in late September at an upcoming luncheon on UAC's alongside the Catholic Charities at the First Circuit Court of Appeals. Please view the slides as you will see how the "law" WILL become an ice sculpture with the crew listed in the slides. I will include a link to the slideshow offered by University of Houston Law School. Take note of the hashtag #kidswhocrossed it might be interesting to follow. Here's the link to the full slideshow: http://bit.ly/1qH577G   There is another webinar on the Unaccompanied Minors and the expected slamming of the Texas Court system. It is also quite informative with some good data on these cases: http://www.courts.state.tx.us/pubs/CrossingtheBorderHowtheUnaccompaniedMinorCrisiswillImpactyour.pdf

And then there's this! The form that local judges in Texas are requested to fill out to report and document the UAC cases that land on their dockets: