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April 9,2015

The talking points pressed into the DREAMERS by the profiteers (politicians,unions,La Raza conquistadores,cheap labor lobby, college industry) are actually the best case for why most American citizens do not wish to confer the priviledge of citizenship on this crew. They are not only demanding unlike our forebears who worked for everything they got and thanked the Lord for it but are drones for group think. America needs critical, individualistic thinkers in order to be free.

Here is an apt analysis by the individual who laid hands on the documents attached below. DO NOT MISS!

"-The first attachment is a CPPP tutorial that was attached to a one time use graduation gown provided to the dreamer who wore it to the hearing.  Instructions also say it is ok to turn on the tears and be loud.

-The second attachment contains talking points to be pressed to the committee members.

-The third attachment is a birddogging document with Senators and House Reps that they wish to influence and how they rate them.  -The Fourth is a financial report relating to institutions receiving General Revenue Funding. We acquired this information by way of some of the Dreamers leaving their trash in the room and we picked it up. The Houston Chronicle reported that the dreamers were bused into Austin from all over the state, with many camping out overnight, slumber party style, on the Capitol steps.  They were indoctrinated on the buses and at the capitol on what to say, or not say, and the points that they were to try to elicit sympathy.  Quite shameful on the part of the folks who paid the tab and will profit from keeping the borders open and a free flow of cheap labor."