Deport for America Demonstration-Houston

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UPDATE: DEPORT for AMERICA- TC JESTER footpath Bridge over I-10 Houston,TX. 7AM-10AM Thursday,July 10, 2014

Due to sidewalk repairs protesters will gather at the TC Jester footpath bridge just east of the Washington St. Bridge. Heading west along I-10 feeder at TC Jester proper will be another bridge that dead ends into a park. This bridge is for pedestrians only. Parking is available in front facing the feeder road.

It is long past time for our elected officials to support the AMERICAN people from the ravages of an open border. Clearly, with reports coming in of abduction rates of 1200 in a single day in the Rio Grande Valley sector by Border Patrol this issue has reached the tipping point. The only solution is to send those here illegally back to their home countries. Please join us to bring back the concept of deportation as the proper and righteous deterrent to lawlessness in our nation and state.

Bring a helping hand and flags (use poles no greater than 3/4" made of wood per City of Houston Ordinance). Large signs with Large letters if you wish.

Please note the diseases allowed to permeate our state by the open borders push in DC: