Demonizing Trial Lawyers: Radioactive Hypocrisy Alert

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Feb. 26, 2014

 In the final days for the primary election in Texas and hearing radio ads for judicial candidates bashing trial attorneys, I decided it was time to take a closer look at the situation. Texas Supreme Court candidates like,  Nathan Hecht, Phil Johnson and Jeff Brown were endorsed by Texans for Lawsuit Reform, an organization comprised of Texas Ruling class players who marched through several tort reforms knee-capping plaintiff and even defense lawyers. They don't just shoot down trial by jury lovers either they WILL snuff out any legislation forwarded that is about enforcing laws against their illegal alien work crews. The most noteworthy missile against trial lawyers was the 2003 medical malpractice capping of noneconomic damages to $250,000 which left many potential plaintiffs of lesser means without access to the courts. Lawyers simply would not take cases they could not afford to front or the prospect of a low forced settlement by insurance companies. The rejection by a plaintiff of a settlement could force them to pay the legal fees of the defense (HB 274).There have been a plethora of constraints placed on tort cases in Texas beginning in the 90's ( basically overriding the 7th Amendment to the Constitution. Many questions arise here about the motives of our leaders in Texas and the TLR which have received little critical analysis by the public at large since everybody hates trial lawyers, right?

  The TLR is a group of powerful business interests led by the notorious trial lawyer-hater in Richard Weekley (Weekley Homes) and others, like the now deceased, Bob Perry (Perry Homes) and Construction titan, Leo Linbeck have managed to advance their opposition to unregulated trial by jury citing the public interests in keeping medical costs and insurance rates low. TLR associated excessive costly and excessive litigation as the cause of doctor shortages. I'm wondering where those shortages really are in Texas...could it be in south Texas near the border? Rising insurance costs are still the order of the day even in the post-tort reform and now, Obamacare world. So who is really scoring here? If the best interests of the public are really a concern to the homebuilding tort reformers why are they still allowed to employ illegal aliens for their livlihood costing Texas taxpayers on average 2k per household every year?

  It seems to me that since TLR wants to cannonade trial attorneys in the aspect of their livlihood that they also should be subject to constraints that harm the public in reckless deaths, identity theft,wrecked public infrastructure,budget overload,cartel violence, shoddy workmanship in home-building (now immunized from litigation claims), sex-slave trade, immigrant deaths in the desert, that they are the inducers of employment and thus, inducers of illegal crossings into our state.

 If I were on the receiving end of this attack in trail lawyering I would spearhead a counter organization called: TRIAL LAWYERS for CITIZEN IDENTITY THEFT REFORM

Liz Theiss