DACA-DREAMERS Get Lassoed by Ted Cruz Patriot Defenders

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August 14,2014 Thursday-Houston, TX.

  On my ride home from a hill country family vacation the internet finally came back around San Antonio. It was then that I learned that a protest was planned against Senator Ted Cruz by the beneficiaries of Obama's DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) Executive Order. These "chicos de suenos" enjoying a waiver from deportation for themselves, cared little that the "surge" of aliens of all ages and unknown histories were invading the USA relentlessly as a result of the DACA decree.

  Activists began to coalesce around Overpass-TX SE network pages, immigration groups linked up with Tea Party activists and BOOM! we were able to meet the DACA rebels head on at Cruz's place. Initially, the article announcing the DREAMER's plans to overtake Senator Cruz's office and remind him of his "immigrant" roots in Canada was to be at a federal building on Smith street. This is not the correct location for Senator Cruz's office in Houston it is located on Travis st. downtown.We wisely met them on Travis instead and guess what? We beat them there and took their "spot"and the Houston Police Dept. explained the public fora rule in "first come...first serve." 

 We had fun with our bullhorn in taunting them on various fronts in SPANISH. Queries like: "What time are ya'll going to block the intersection?" "Do you guys really get free college grants and reduced rates?""Hey man...if you guys want my country...where do I go?', "Why don't you like gringos and laws?" and my favorite: "Hey, aren't you guys missing your Chicano history and reconquista classes?"

Thanks again to the leadership of Sam Herrera of Overpasses-TX (SE), Tea Party activists from all over and immigration fighters from way back!

It was a pleasure to see Kyle Coplan of the Armed Citizen Project again. He had a funny sign about voting (see photos above).Also short video below to capture the full "ambiance":

Press Coverage: Local Fox- http://www.myfoxhouston.com/story/26285354/immigration-overload-immigration-protest-at-senator-cruz-office

Breitbart- http://www.breitbart.com/Breitbart-Texas/2014/08/14/Protest-and-Counter-Protest-Opposing-Groups-Protest-at-Sen-Cruz-Office/

Long May We Wave,

Liz Theiss

See video