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 Come out and join us on Jan. 30 at 7AM on the Tuam St. Bridge over 288. Colluding Republicans like Speaker Boehner,Rep. Paul Ryan, Rep. Issa, Rep. Brady, Rep. Olsen and Rep. Poe, Rep. Farenhold are willing to consider a poorly written border bill (1417) that has no real teeth or benchmarks for enforcement that will mark a gateway strategy for some type of amnesty. There will be a closed door strategy session in Cambridge,MD. in late January  to determine a path for passing some type of amnesty bill. Now is the time to tell our politicians and the CHAMBER OF AMNESTY and their rich billionaire cohorts "NO" to selling out our country and pressuring our politicians to pass amnesty legislation. Speaker Boehner is watching for signs of #CONSERVATIVEBACKLASH. Tune in to Stop the Magnet on FB for updates. Contact: magnacarta@stopthemagnet.com.