Congressman Stockman Speaks to Immigration Issue and Conservative Activism

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  February 18, 2014

 Texans for Immigration Reduction & Enforcement (TFIRE.ORG) hosted Congressman Steve Stockman last evening in West Houston at the Traci Gee Community Center. Although many now affiliate with the Tea Party in the rebel movement against cronyism and establishment politicians, the battle for the border and unlawful immigration has been a long-standing domain of TFIRE as they were active in the nineties. Fighting the big money involved in this labor system has always been a rebel movement with few friends, however, Congressman Stockman was early on the scene in the (90's). He recognized its detrimental assaults on American sovereignty and liberty in support for a resolution in Congress to correct the anchor baby problem. Better late than never,the Tea Party, by and large supports enforcement across the state and are becoming more vocal on the issue as they realize its widespread effects on budgets,voting and crime.

 Stockman entertained the roomful of guests with anecdotal tales of "John Wayne" Cornyn's loyalty to party over country in his memo passed to members of Congress emphasizing the virtues of allowing Obamacare to embed without Senator Cruz-styled tactics to resist using the filibuster. In this manner, Cornyn believed that it would  serve the Republican party favorably. Stockman's point here was to highlight his committment to country over party. He also related his early activism in forwarding conservative principles and vowed to never waver. His tale of riding around in DC with an elderly woman in her eighties who could barely stay on the road and had been protesting as far back as the League of Nations was quite amusing. He ended up holding a sign with her at the Capitol. His comments on the Houston Chronicle were classic Stockman in that they have been constantly assailing him with bad press and hanging around his house for some time during his public career. He observed that one could not expect relevant coverage from a paper hailing from San Francisco and indeed when they attacked him he printed their coverage as evidence of his conservative creds. The audience was encouraged to protest entities that used them for advertising like, Harris County, since there were better alternatives for exposure and shutting them down would be a worthy enterprise for conservatives.

 The media and press were not allowed inside and the patriots were able to enjoy this time in freely asking questions addressed to the Congressman. The attendees were also able to  mix with WWII veterans, a Romanian immigrant seeking office in the EU Parliament as a conservative voice and the boardmembers of TFIRE, presided by Larry Korkmas.

Please enjoy the pictures below.

Long May We Wave,

Liz Theiss