Churches and the Refugee Industry

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 Immigration Enforcement Activists (Restrictionists) have long been aggravated in witnessing the blatant enabling going on in churches dabbling in "aidding, abbetting and harboring" illegal aliens. The latest lawless bombshell in open borders deception arrives in the form of federal grant streams fed into non-profit corporate-styled operations in the church community. Noone is immune here in the "refugee" industry: Catholics, Baptists, Methodists, Lutherans, Episcopalians,etc... It seems passe at this point to mention that it is a felony to "aid, abbett, harbor" illegal aliens but here is the actual law in all its FELONY glory:


At the top of the Refugee Industry chain is the Catholic Charities. Many articles have been surfacing regarding their activities in assisting unaccompanied minors from Central America which hit the Texas border in unprecedented levels starting in 2013 as a result of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) thrust on Americans by Executive Order. This year the chaos at the border revealed daily entries as high as 1200 daily by Border Patrol in the Rio Grande Valley sector alone. Despite, off the chart numbers in illegal arrivals we see the Catholic Charities and their media helpers framing the issue around "refugee children" and an outpouring of assistance given via millions in grants dispatched through Health and Human services for Unaccompanied Minors Program and services for Citizenship Programs. See the top four attachments below to see the specific programs all catering to integrating illegal aliens and housing them in the millions from HHS. Pay attention to the dates as it indicates they were in preparation for this smoke and fire NAFTA train invasion. Almost 93% of the total budget in the Catholic Humanitarian wing known as the Bishop's Migration and Refugee Services (MRS) reveal the federal dependency in this article:

Then there is the local scandal involving offers of up to 7K monthly in reimbursements for those willing to domicile illegal aliens in their homes through Catholic Charities:

Issue Advocacy

Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services (LIRS):

#Act of Love campaign: More scandal! 97% Federal Grants and a lobbying arm in DC all to bring in REFUGEES. Is it time to bring these groups out of the shadows yet?

This article exposes how Church affiliates focused on providing relief for refugees are driven by sheer numbers as it increases their pay outs from the federal govenment. One retired CEO of Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota (affiliate of LIRS) was making $441,767 in salary and benefits-all paid with taxpayer dollars.


Baptist Child and Family Services garnered alot of publicity in attempting to use our hard earned tax dollars to buy a resort hotel complex for 50 million dollars to domicile 600 illegal alien youths and then dropped the plan:

Meet the 33 million dollar payroll for the leadership crew at Baptist Child and Family Services (BCFS). This group receives grants from Dept. of Homeland Security and Health & Human Services to manage "vulnerable populations". They received $190,707,505.00 in the single month of July 2014. Read it all here:

Unfortunately, the Baptist General Convention of Texas is partnered with BCFS. That means this highly dubious group could be linked to your Baptist Church, check it out here:

There is much more to this story but you get the idea. It is widespread and indicates that almost all major institutions in American life are abandoning the best interests of American citizens.

Attachments below show the Federal Grants given to the various denominations over the last few years.

Kudos to Terri Hill in Longview,Texas for her extensive research on church revenue streams in relation to the "surge" from Central America and beyond. Our demonstration against Catholic Charities in Houston below.


God Bless America!







Catholic Charities Receives Millions in Federal Grants to Support UAC's