On the Chopping Block: Libs Meet ISIS -Texas Rally Dramatization

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February 9, 2016

As liberals spend their time tooling around with jihadis and push for more refugees from the mid-east, Europe continues to burn and contort with chilling crimes by the invaders.


Abhorrent rape crimes continue to assail the headlines and shock once pristine and beautiful European cities. Refugees are raping women and children in public pools and town squares and even those who supported them and rendered aid. A ten year old boy was viciously raped by a refugee from Iraq who claimed it was a "sexual emergency" then proceeded to enjoy the diving boards while the boy was whisked away to the hospital: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3436988/Mother-ten-year-old-boy-raped-Austrian-swimming-pool-Iraqi-said-sexual-emergency-says-regrets-telling-children-migrants-need-help.html

A  22 yr. old social worker was brutally stabbed to death while offering aid to a 15 year old refugee: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2016/01/26/horrible-and-tragic-15-year-old-migrant-fatally-stabs-swedish-asylum-worker/

Of course, the families of the victims now regret their tolerant stances toward the UN-vetted refugees from Islamic ruled countries. Please bear in mind that wealthy Arabic states declined to take ANY refugees. They know better and besides the rewards of the hijra (settlement mission of Islam to dominate) serve the larger endgame. Running circles around dumb westerners brainwashed into utopian multiculturalism keeps the Caliphate right on schedule. The Reds (communists) and Greens (Muslim Brotherhood) are a match made in heaven. Overthrowing the Constitutional Republic is The Red Green Alliance. However, it can never be long lasting. Here's why.

As Turkish dictator and Ottoman hegemonist claimed:

May 23,2007 http://www.memri.org/report/en/print2213.htm

 "You cannot be both secular and a Muslim! You will either be a Muslim, or secular! When both are together, they create reverse magnetism [i.e.they repel one another]. For them to exist together is not a possibility! Therefore, it is not possible for a person who says "I am a Muslim" to go on and say "I am secular, too." And why is that? Because Allah, the creator of the Muslim, has absolute power and rule!"

The depiction below illustrates that this alliance is but temporary in the eyes of devout followers of Islam and (done authentically), infidels must be eliminated, no matter their useful liberalism.


Texans Gather at Texas Capital to demonstrate against the rising threat of tyranny emerging from the federal government's assault on individual and state's rights and the increased threat from Islamic terror and it's quieter encroachment Civilizational Jihad. 

Will it be too late to turn back the tides of what ails us and is killing Europe?