Candidate Abbott & the Hispanic Outreach Dept.

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 Does the iniative called the Texas Hispanic Engagement Team being pushed by the RNC mean we can't talk about enforcing our immigration laws? or being subsumed by gangs and cartels? or getting stuck with huge bills subsidizing somebody else's labor force? There have been a rash of Republican groups pushing for Comprehensive Immigration Reform waving the demographic club at older American citizens regarding the booming Hispanic population. The demographic club they wield was built on an avalanche of lawlessness reaching across four decades of lax workplace enforcement,a wide open border and identity-theft rings. Latinos Ready to Vote, Cafe con Leche, LIBRE Iniative all seek some form of legalization for millions of illegal aliens roaming and working illegally in the United States. They seek an end to the "harsh rhetoric" of the conservative wing of the Republican membership in trying to control speech in the use of such terms as "deport" or "illegal alien".

Candidates such as Abbott have fallen into line with the establishment push for a pro-Hispanic face and Bush rhetoric while largely attempting to sidestep the glaring problems surrounding illegal immigration in the State of Texas. Abbott's tendency to avoid the issue was noted by Texas Tribune reporter, Jay Root when the issue of the Texas DREAM ACT became a hot topic in recent candidate debates in October: Underneath all of this politically correct inclusive rhetoric is a seamy underside in the Republican party. These pro-Latino groups seek the new power to be exploited by unlimited amounts of largely third world, underemployed and uneducated people ready to be led. This layer intersects the pro-amnesty business lobbies like the Greater Houston Partnership or the Texas Solution cabal: all of whom work in tandem to promote a steady stream of compliant and less costly labor. Candidates have an easier time financing their campaigns if they shun the enforcement advocates and use Bush-style rhetoric talking about their spouses being of Hispanic descent or "family values", which is exactly what Abbott is doing.Indeed, check out his Hispanic outreach advisor Aaron Pena, former Democrat in the TX lege and promoter of a guest-worker scheme that includes cooperation with the Mexican government.Pena squals "racial profiling" like a true Democrat when pulled over in South Texas


Ramparts 360 first brought my attention to Abbott's support for amnesty in a post titled: "Texas AG Abbott: Congress Must Act on Immigration Reform":  The August Newsmax video at the 7-9 minute markers reveal Abbott as one who would accept the likes of SB744-replete with special interests orders for more cheap labor and 3-time exemptions for identity theft. This is the Obamacare in immigration and his support for these comprehensive bills over the heads of his fellow Americans illustrate his lack of concern for working-class Texans and his patrician ties. All evidence points to an establishment candidate seeking to outfox Republican voters on immigration by avoiding or speaking in very non-specific terms, focusing on his 30 some-odd lawsuits against Obama & the Texas economy. It is up to you if YOU WANT TO BE FOOLED.

By the way...he never participated in our survey on immigration, unlike all the other major candidates running for Governor & Lt. Governor. You decide.