Battles on the Horizon for GOP Immigration Plank

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It's approaching that time of year again where the GOP plank on immigration turns into Shakespeare theatrics as manuevering begins to get the right players on the platform committee. Please note the letters attached already being circulated. Delegates are sure to encounter the overtures of those pressing for some type of legalization scheme just short of citizenship or the pressures of remaining loyal to the Rule of Law and protecting the next generation. If you are active in Texas politics and would like to weigh in on the GOP plank on immigration please take the poll and pass it along to other Texans. It will detect double voting so if you took the poll earlier you cannot vote again.

We look forward to seeing results on what type of plank Texans truly desire for the GOP.



Please read Dale Huls of Clear Lake Tea Party account of a teleconferencing call with Todd Staples (contender for Lt-Governor-2014). You will see that many of our politicians continue to work for the cheap labor cause while talking tough about the border: