Bad Company: Camp Cruz Using Bush Machine for Fund-Raising

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March 9, 2016,

 As the clock ticks ever closer to a nominee for the Republican Party, Cruz becomes more reckless in the company he keeps.  Cruz recently announced a new finance team that includes Charles Foster, a top Houston immigration attorney and Neil Bush,another Bush brother: . The replacement for Ted Cruz's recently fired spokesman, Ron Nehring was caught hiring an illegal alien and hired an H-1B visa holder from Canada for a political post that could easily have been filled by an American citizen:

Many conservatives are trusting in Ted Cruz as he speaks without salty language, in Constitutional accolades and is a reliable voice for limited government proponents. Nonetheless, his associations raise alarms especially since he markets himself as an "outsider" and "Principled Conservative".

Surprisingly, Michelle Malkin, (who has been attacked by Trump as a "dummy", a stalwart on immigration enforcement matters, sees Trump as a viable conservative choice for those who have been focused on immigration. Malkin admits that Trump is surrounding himself with people she trusts:

"Malkin said Trump is “all over the map” on immigration issues but has filled a void. 

“The one thing is he filled a vacuum that was left by stupid, feckless Republicans who refused to listen to this exasperation and frustration, not just on the part of grassroots rank-and-file conservatives but all Americans, whatever part of the wage scale they fall on,” she said. 

Malkin said there are “so many people” she respects that have put their trust in Trump. 

“It makes a lot of people mad but I have said that if I were forced to pick between Trump or Rubio and Hillary, I feel like I would have to take that gamble and go with Donald Trump because he has people inside his tent now that I trust, people like Jeff Sessions, people like Chris Kobach, and I would rather gamble with that then go with the same old, same old tools of the open borders establishment – people that cannot say no to big business and who are bought and paid for,” she said.

Kris Kobach, Kansas Secretary of State and the legal brains behind Arizona's tough immigration law and the famous Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and Senator Jeff Sessions,a hero in fighting for lower working-class Americans bearing the fallout of porous boders and displacement are backing Trump. Additionally, counter-jihad bloggers and journalists like, Diane West and Walid Shoebat, among others. Unlike Trump, Ted Cruz continues to associate with establishment and Bush machine operatives. Neil Bush of S & L fraud/negligence fame (costing taxpayers 1 billion to bail out) and QuanFoster corp, immigration attorney, Charles Foster are seamlessly added to TeamCruz. Foster has been a well known voice in Houston pushing for comprehensive immigration reform (amnesty for millions of illegal aliens) speaking at public events and writing articles for many years. See bio and note more Bush:                                          As Malkin describes why she would choose Trump over Rubio she explains how high powered immigration attorneys have created loopholes that are trashing American workers and overwhelming America's immigration system recalling the infamous 'Gang of 8' bill:

“The ‘Gang of 8’ was stuffed with some -- many – special-interest payoffs to so many different special interest groups and that’s what we get to in the book, the fact that you’ve got this endless pipeline of alien work permits without anybody pausing to ask, are those worker protections that were build into the H1B law in 1990 actually still in place? No, they have been sabotaged by immigration lawyers and lobbyists who are in those backrooms doing those deals,” she added.

Gordon/Quan are a part of a cabal focused on destroying the USA via an extreme diversity/multicultural political agenda intended to create parallel and unintegrated societies within.These groups regularly coordinate via the City of Houston's Office of International Communities (OIC) to forward legalization schemes for refugees and illegal aliens.Yes! They get paid via taxpayer dollars.

This is the Office that is privy to programs like Zuckerberg's Forward.US mass legalization pushed by Obama and the coordination/planning nucleus for Obama's 2014 Unaccompanied Alien Children invasion. In other words, it's the hub for all things invasion,refugee & illegal alien.


Why would Ted Cruz accept Charles Foster for his campaign fundraising if he claims he will fight these issues for many of his adherents?