Arabic Immersion Magnet School in Houston Struggles for Arabic Speakers

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May 9,2015

Well thank goodness for the Qatar Foundation International in reaching half way across the globe to get this Arabic Immersion Magnet school staffed and financed for the 2015 rollout! As you can see for yourself via e-mail communications the 75K strong Arabic Community in HOUSTON was not quite enough after all. Principal Kate Adams pushed for every immigration and certification loophole in concert with the HISD Specialist Team to bring in the Arabic Speaking crew. MONOLINGUAL AMERICANS in the community need not apply, nay, not even for PE teacher. Your tax dollars are accepted though. Scroll down to view the correspondence and see more below in the attachments.

FY2010 Report on H1-B visa abuses by education employers:

The second largest concentration was in Texas, where 3,592 new H-1B visas were authorized by DoL. Within Texas there was a still further concentration, in the Houston area, where nine of the 32 studied employers had Houston postal addresses, and six others were also in the Houston metro area.

Thirteen of the 15 Houston-area employers were local public school districts, and they had 2,231 certifications collectively; there were also 401 applications filed by the Houston-based Cosmos Foundation for a state-wide cluster of Turkish-sponsored charter schools, a Gülen organization, to be discussed later, and 10 by another charter school. The Greater Houston certifications thus add to 2,642, or about 20 percent of the K-12 certifications nationwide. The relatively nearby Dallas Independent School District (ISD) had 314 more.





Cultural Marxism

The HISD Board met last Thursday May 14,2015. Some 15 people turned out to speak to the board for 60 seconds. It was a very full agenda that evening but the patriots waited their turn to speak. This school is a prime example of the goal to divide Americans by creating rifts among battling cultural and linguistic needs. These people know what they are doing. You must speak loudly and boldly and get these marxists out of power!

Thanks so much to all who came to participate!