ACLU Sends Monitors to a Houston Trump Rally

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March 26,2017

Strange times indeed! The ACLU must monitor Trump protect illegal aliens and feral leftist groups from Trump supporters??? Trump's victory has caused the ACLU to be innoculated with cash from SOROS NGO's. They have been on the warpath nationwide to eliminate 287g programs which helps to track illegal criminal aliens in the jails and get detainers placed on these criminals so that they can be deported but we all know that is too logical for the ACLU.Recently, in Houston, Harris County they have succeeeded in working with Sheriff Gonzalez to have it removed. Expect to see more criminals roam freely in many urban areas and more crimes against our citizens.

Anyway, back to the Trump rally........


Some 30-40 patriots gathered on Saturday, March 25 in the afternoon at Houston City Hall to show their support for Trump. The event was organized on Facebook by Overpasses for America and attendees simply wanted to show their support for their new president. Leftists were on the opposite side of the road opposing the Trump supporters. Lisa Bacchi a local activist from the Woodlands area, did notice that the ACLU sent out some "legal observers" hovering around the Trump side. It must have been traumatic for these observers to have to listen to Christian prayer and God Bless America. Wonder if they can sue the ACLU for pschological distress?

Hot Air has just reported these "observers" sent by SOROS-ACLU to help hinder ICE's efforts in removing unlawfully present aliens.

VIDEO LINK-Event organizer questions the "observers" on their mission:

Here is a transcript of some questions I asked Lisa Bacchi about this: 

Where did you notice the ACLU observers?

I noticed them walking among the Trump supporters

What did they claim to be doing?

To be there as non affiliated observers to ensure that no ones rights were violated.

Did you feel that they were monitoring both sides of the rally?

I asked who invited them and they basically said someone from the other side. So I was left to feel they were there to just monitor the Trump supporters.

How many were there at the event?

I saw two young lady's wearing blue vest with ACLU Observer on front and back