Stop the Magnet is a Houston-based pressure group that began in 2011 as a petition campaign to bring two enforcement props to a City of Houston ballot. Due to a manpower shortage, we did not succeed in garnering the required signatures.Undaunted, our patriot activists continue to monitor amnesty bills in DC and track enabling legislation for illegal aliens at the federal, state and local level. We educate,advise,monitor our elected officials,expose them if need be and demonstrate.Please do not be a witness to our national suicide get involved with us. We need all types of support.


Texas: Local, State, National. We plan to help the public vet candidates using surveys with clear and concise language to quickly/easily identify the best candidates on critical immigration issues ...


Ever wondered about all the hoopla and wrangling around immigration politics in Texas and around the country? This is a nice primer to help you get spun up on the issues and make your voice heard ...


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